India Aarthik Research (IAR) is the in-house Data-mine of Trinity Live Media Services Private Ltd, a reputed media content provider mentored by veteran equity analyst VS Fernando who has tracked the Indian capital markets since 1983. IAR provides in-depth research on Indian equities in the listed domain.

Fierce commitment to uncolored facts and figures is IAR’s hallmark. No wonder, the founder has consciously declined finance from any corporate source to fund IAR’s operations for more than TWENTY SEVEN years. Right from its inception, IAR has been striving to set new standards in dispassionate and accurate research based on painstaking investigation and professional integrity.

IAR’s Data Bank is probably the largest Corporate and Capital Market Collection in India created on the basis of organized private initiative. It has in its possession more than 7200 DOCUMENTS of Public Offerings that have hit the Indian capital markets during the past three decades.

Over the years, IAR’s founder has meticulously acquired a minimum lot in more than 4200 Indian stocks (including 80-odd unlisted closely-held companies) which enable IAR to receive corporate Annual/Half-yearly/Quarterly Reports, Statutory Filings, Shareholder Communique, Notices, Board Resolutions, Dividend, Bonus, Senior Personnel details and other vital information effortlessly.

Besides the corporate filings (Annual Reports & Notices) since 1991, IAR has preserved more than 2.7 million Press Clippings spanning over a period of 27 years scrupulously indexed Company-wise, House-wise, Industrial Segment-wise and Macro Economic Indicator-wise. IAR possesses a vast collection of Loan Default Notices published since 1991.

IAR Data-mine has all the quarterly Standalone/Consolidated/Segment Results since their introduction in 2003. Results and Shareholding Pattern of more than 5000 companies are being updated every quarter. IAR has `Historical’ Price Data and the `Adjusted Price’ for all traded stocks since 1994. As a shareholder of more than 4200 Indian companies, IAR’s founder has brought in a collection of more than 75000 Annual Reports including that of subsidiaries spanning over a period of two decades.

       Even though the Indian corporate data field is crowded with many players, hardly anyone could match IAR’s pioneering effort in coding and assemblage of Industry Segments and Business Empires. Whereas others simply compare ‘apple to apple’, IAR is able to differentiate through a Unique Proprietary Coding, within apples, ‘Kashmir’ variety from ‘Shimla’ or ‘imported’ ones.

Also, as another first in India, IAR has attempted an innovative alignment of all the ‘offshoots’ of established Industrial Empires/Business Families linking them up to Four Generations. Through a meticulous coding, IAR is able to establish the ultimate ownership of all the foreign holdings in Indian companies. The reliability of IAR’s data is enhanced by the assiduousness with which data is collected, processed and maintained.

       The backbone of IAR is indeed its dedicated Data-mine which serves the twin objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Quality Data at Economical Cost. Located in a remote area in Thirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu, the Data-mine attracts highly talented rural youth who cannot afford an urban livelihood. As rural human resources are less susceptible to distractions as compared to their urban counterparts, the Data-mine has consistently achieved higher efficiency and seamless accuracy which has put IAR ahead of its competitors.

IAR extensively tracks the Indian Corporate Sector with a special reference to Capital Markets and mines the following data:

  •   Daily Equity Stock Quotes/Volume/Trade/Value on both BSE & NSE

  •   Dividend & Bonus Declaration

  •   Corporate Announcements/Actions (Change of Name and Ownership, Listing, De-listing Winding-up, Buy-back, Stock-Splits, Consolidation, Reduction, Merger, De-merger, Re-arrangement, etc).

  •   Equity Offers – IPOs, Preferential Offers, Rights, Open Offers, etc.

  •   Shareholder Communications – Corporate Announcements, Filings, Notices, etc.

  •   Quarterly Corporate Results, Segment Results, Shareholding Pattern, etc.

  •   Annual Reports and abridged Balance Sheet (Statement of Assets & Liabilities) Data at half-yearly intervals.

  •   News Clippings on all major Companies, Industries, Business Houses, General Factors.

  •   Conferences, Seminars, Analyst Meets, etc.

  •   Plant Visits

  •   Management Interviews

  •   Extensive Personal Contacts

  •   Special Investigations and Field Research, etc

IAR monitors on a day-to-day basis:

  •   Over 18,000 companies (listed as well as unlisted, deemed-public, closely-held/private firms, SSIs and government controlled PSUs, etc.)

  •   About 700 Industrial Segments / Product Groups

  •   More than 2300 recognized Business/Industrial Houses

  •   Nearly 300 macro-economic indicators/factors which have a direct bearing on the corporate sector

IAR has up-to-date financial data of more than 5000 companies for 58 Quarters under the following heads:

  •   Standalone and Consolidated Quarterly/Half-yearly/Annual Results

  •   Segment Results

  •   Abridged Balance Sheet/ Half-yearly Statement of Assets & Liabilities

  •   Quarterly Shareholding Pattern

  •   Market Action (split/bonus/consolidation) of all stocks for last 20 years

  •   Adjusted stock prices for 20 years

  •   Track of Name Changes

  •   Dividend Break-ups for last six years

  •   Directors’ details

  •   IPO related data, etc.

       IAR interprets Macro Economy in general and dissects the components of Indian Financial Markets in particular.

  •   Maps trends prevalent in major Indian Industries (with exhaustive Segment Analysis - a first in the country) on a quarterly basis.

  •   Evaluates Indian industrial houses and their relative contribution to the economy.

  •   Tracks all Listed Indian Stocks with respect to their financial performance, historical as well as adjusted price statistics and market actions, and spots trends so as to help investor to identify right equity Investments.

  •   Evaluates all Shareholder-Notices, Annual Reports and Disclosures of listed companies and interprets their impact.

  •   Evaluates investor-friendliness of companies in the Indian listed space from the perspective of corporate governance and disclosure standards.

  •   Uses a unique and internally developed price-adjusted Return to Investor Index to enable comparison of the Return on Investment provided by listed entities to investors.

  •   Compares Peer Groups within Segments, Industry groups, Sectors, Industrial Houses, etc. which could be used as an authentic source of information in Offer Documents, Equity Research Reports, Corporate Presentations, etc.

  •   Gathers Market Intelligence and also conducts due diligence on disclosures and past track record of Projects, Companies, Promoters, Industrial Houses, etc.