Why investlive

investlive is a pure equity-focused investor’s website backed by 35 years of intense research, smart analysis and deeper understanding of the stock markets. The underlying objective of investlive is to make you “more knowledgeable” so as to help you take informed decisions while investing in the primary and secondary capital markets, and thereby ensure decent returns on your investment.

investlive is a Knowledge Destination, an investor portal that leverages data to extract intelligence. It is built on three pillars Courage, Conviction and Clarity. These 3 Cs will help you navigate the stock markets smoothly.

investlive is the brainchild of VSFernando, a veteran financial journalist with over three decades of experience in financial reporting and analysis. Fernando’s ability to scientifically scrutinize a company, understand the management’s vision & intent, slice and dice corporate data, and present them in a simple, lucid, easy-to-understand style & format helps common investors take informed investment decisions.

investlive’s mission is to educate, enlighten small and underprivileged investors who have no access or means to undertake stock research and empower them with the power of knowledge.

investlive is the first of its kind initiative by a fiercely independent media entity to help small investors gain access to credible and high-quality stock research and profit from it.

investlive is knowledge at your fingertips.